In response to the many requests we have received from our clients, we have developed several new selling tools to help our clients sell smarter, save them time and, hopefully, make them more money. Typically, as your order volumes increase you get busier and end up not having time to do the things you know you need to do to get more sales.  So sales either flatline or decline. Many clients have asked us for additional services to help save them time, target their customers better, save them money or just help build their business in whatever way we can.  The key challenge for us has been to provide these services at an affordable rate and avoid bespoke one off charges. So we created a range of reports and data mining tools and decided to offer them completely free of charge.

So what’s on offer?

  • Data mining tools to find marketing opportunities for existing customers

  • Extensive reporting features allowing clients to discover trends and know who bought what

  • Export data in a format that can easily be imported into your favourite emailing software or into a spreadsheet

  • Auto Shipping Updates to eBay and Amazon

  • Automated customs commercial invoices for overseas shipments

To activate these free tools and features, send us a ticket or email us