Here is a recent comment from one of our wonderful clients illustrating how outsourcing their order fulfilment has benefitted their business.

“We sell a small range of silk duvets and bedding. The products, which are fairly bulky, tend to be relatively high in value but low in volume throughput.

Because of the small number of daily despatches we used to store our product in a self- storage facility, pack the orders and have a courier collect daily. This, we believed, was the most cost effective way of ensuring error free and timely despatch of daily orders.

It was with casual interest that I came across an advertisement for the services of MyWarehouse in April 2010. The promise of no set up charges, together with the charging of storage space by product, rather than by fixed volume, was appealing.

I became more interested after receiving a quotation. The basic £2.00 for the handling of each order, was almost offset by the savings being achieved on better courier rates, better packaging rates and similar storage rates to our self storage facility. The bottom line, therefore, was that we would be paying marginally more for our product storage and despatch … while freeing ourselves of the daily fulfilment chore.

The risk, of course, was that we would be entrusting this crucial, if unglamorous, part of our operation to a third party company. And having had near fatal experiences with another Fulfilment House in the past, this was a worry. So I was originally very wary and prepared, if necessary, to withdraw our goods at short noticed

That was two years ago.

Apart from the occasional problem caused by a rogue courier driver everything has worked like clockwork. There was just one occasion when I was advised that one of my packages had failed to be collected. I contacted the customer, who was most understanding. I was impressed with the integrity shown to advise me of the potential problem.

Pick, pack and despatch can be a fairly straightforward operation. Yet it is surprising how complicated and fraught some Fulfilment Companies can make it. From unintelligible quotations and progress reports to mindless mis-despatches you are sometimes never quite sure where you are …. or where your products are. All the while charging like wounded bulls for per item charges together with endless, inexplicable ‘service’ fees and unseen extras.

For my money … and I am dead mean, cynical and with some years of Mail Order operations … I think that MyWarehouse is great value!”

The South Downs Trading Company sell an extensive range of Silk and Bamboo bedding plus Cashmere Wraps.  As bedding is such a competitive market their approach by specialising in using different and luxurious materials we think is both innovative and exciting.