Upsell or Crossell or Just Say Hello With MyMessage


Now you can display a message to your customers that will be printed on the despatch note arriving with their order.  What you say is up to you, but as everyone reads the despatch note, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to invite them to see more of your products or take up a limited offer.

Why would you want to use myMessage? Here are few ideas;

 Cross Sell
Promote another product from your catalogue relevant to one they ordered



Special Offers
Perhaps you have a special offer coming up, e.g. Mother’s Day, BOGOF, Refer a Friend etc



 Offer a Discount
Give them a discount code to use on your website when they next order from you



 Important Info
Maybe the product needs to be set up a certain way?



 Say Thanks
Thank them for their purchase and invite them to feedback



 Advertise Your News
Tell them a bit about your business or what is happening soon



How much does it cost?

It’s freeeeeeeeeee!