If you love our standard 100% accurate pick and pack service but would like to do something a little different for your customers………now you can. We call it myWrap and it is a service where clients can tell us exactly how they would like us to package their parcels at the packing bench. Typically, this kind of personalisation at the packing bench is tricky to achieve because unless the process is built into the pick and pack system the only way it can work is for a member of staff to remember to do it.  With the best people in the world (and we have them!) that’s never going to work every time. So we have integrated the myWrap instructions into the process so at the packing bench, the staff member is alerted to a different packing procedure.  They are then required to scan different elements to confirm that they have actioned the request correctly. myWrap is designed to allow clients to extend their brand into the hands of the customer when they receive and open the  parcel.  For example, let’s say you sell Lingerie and would like us to wrap certain items in your purple tissue paper.  No problem.  This will happen every time. It doesn’t matter who is packing the parcels that day, your request will be actioned correctly time and time again.

Some Ideas for Using myWrap:

  Stand Out From The Crowd
Differentiate yourself from your competitors by doing something a little different


  Create Your Own WOW Factor
 Delight your customers by adding something that is typically you. Like why not spray perfume in the box before sealing?
  Add a Free Gift or Promo Flyer
Either for all orders or just some products, you can set up rules for us to add extra products or flyers
  Use Your Own Packaging
 Whilst we always recommend the outer packaging to be plain, the inner parcel can be your own branded materials or tape


We don’t recommend adding your brand to the outer box but inside, you can now do what you like with myWrap. How much does it cost? It depends on the time taken but typically it adds just 50p to an order