Here is What Our Clients Say About How We Help Them

Our purpose is to partner with our clients in helping them provide excellent customer service for their customers and help our clients be even more successful and profitable.  We of course provide accurate and timely order fulfilment but we also help in keeping our clients fulfilment costs as low as possible.

However, we believe our biggest service to our clients is allowing them to focus on what they do best …. sell more and build their business.

Are we any good?  Our clients are better placed than us to answer that question so here are some unedited comments we have received from some of our clients……….

Victor Tan at ABCZone Ltd & FTW Gifts

“Fed up of picking and packing your orders on your own?  It’s all very well handling 20 or 30 items a day but what would you do if you suddenly had 100 orders?  Or how about receiving a 1000 shipment from China and you don’t have a warehouse?……….. read more

Philip & Chris at

“As a start-up company with reliance on order-fullfilment, one of our biggest worries was having to commit to large fixed warehousing costs. With MyWarehouse, there are no big fees, and you only pay for what you send. ………… read more

Paul at

“We sell a small range of silk duvets and bedding. The products, which are fairly bulky, tend to be relatively high in value but low in volume throughput……….. read more

Nick from

“We have been using myWarehouse for our order fulfilment since August 2014 and have found the service both.entirely reliable and good value. There have been no picking or shipping errors in that time which is a fantastic record. ………… read more

Chris from

“One of the reasons we started using myWarehouse is because another company with a similar strategy to ours had used them to outsource their order fulfilment to great success ……….. read more