Here is a recent comment from one of our wonderful clients illustrating how outsourcing their order fulfilment has benefitted their business.

“As a start-up company with reliance on order-fullfilment, one of our biggest worries was having to commit to large fixed warehousing costs. With MyWarehouse, there are no big fees, and you only pay for what you send. The team at MyWarehouse have always been very helpful, and always acted promptly to any requests we’ve had. On top of that, we can do a lot of the configurations myself with the easy-to-use backend system on their website. We would strongly recommend MyWarehouse to everyone who wants smart warehouseing solutions.”

Philip & Chris

Bioeffect sell a new kind of skin care product that is effective,safe and pure. Their main product BIOEFFECT EGF Serum contains no preservatives, colorants, fragrances or other non-essential chemicals as well as no known allergens.  Bioefect sell online and through major retailers both in the UK and internationally.