Same Day Despatch For Everyone*  

myWarehouse is a different kind of fulfilment company offering pick, pack and storage all on a pay as you go basis.

  No Fixed Fees
  • We don’t charge for account management
  • We don’t charge for data storage
  • We don’t charge fees for importing orders
  No Set Up Fees
  • Setting up any account is free
  • There are no charges until your stock arrives
  • There are no charges for pre-integrated marketplaces or shopping carts
  No Minimum Volumes
  • Process 1 order a month or 5000
  • You are only charged for each order
  • Simple pay-as-you-go charges so your costs are inline with your sales
  No Minimum Contracts
  • Every client is free to leave whenever they wish
  • You can use us for busy periods like Christmas if you want
  • We take the view that if we provide an excellent service clients will stay with us for as long as they wish

Simply pay for our service as and when you use us. And remember…. all orders we receive by 3.00pm are despatched the same day*. Even at Christmas!

Our pay-as-you-go pick and pack service means online sellers can outsource their storage, order shipping service quickly, easily and cost effectively so they can focus on building their business. Currently, we are the only UK fulfilment company offering a pay as you go pricing model, with no set up, fixed or minimum fees AND we also offer a 100% guarantee on our pick and pack accuracy.

Ideal for SME’s and start up companies who don’t want to finance and operate their own fulfilment service but require a reliable, quick and affordable solution so their customers receive a first class service.

Here’s How It Works…  
 1 Delivery
You send us your products direct from your suppliers.We scan in EVERY item for a 100% check.  Yes, that’s right…100% check.We email you to let you know your products have arrived.
 4 Orders Are Picked
As every product is barcoded we never make a mistake.All orders received by 3.00pm are despatched the same day
 2 Put Away
Your products are now placed on shelves in our warehouse ready for your orders.Total time taken from receipt of your products to being placed on shelves averages around 24 hours but can take up to 48 hours in busy periods.
 5 Orders Packed
We then carefully pack your orders according to your instructions.We can enclose free gifts, gift wrap, whatever you need.Parcels are despatched using the delivery method YOU selected.
 3 Orders Arrive
Orders are generated on your website or other sales channels like Amazon or eBay and automatically forwarded to our systems.Our system breaks down your orders into batches of orders so they can be picked from the shelves by our staff 
 6 Delivery
Your customers receive their orders quickly and accurately.Overseas import docs are automated by us to avoid any delays.You receive realtime updates on parcel tracking info which you can share with you customers

In addition, we can provide a range of other services that can be bolted on to our core storage, pick and pack service:


We can do whatever you ask at our packing bench: add a free gift, use your own packaging materials even sprinkle fairy dust!  If your packaging is important to your brand, or you would like to offer a gift wrapping service for your customers, then this service is for you.


Add your own messages on the despatch note: thank your customers, suggest a re-order discount, advise them of a complementary product…it’s up to you.

We also include a free bundle of goodies designed for the serious seller: data mining, advance reporting, enhanced Amazon and eBay tools and a huge information store full of ideas and techniques to help our clients improve their business.

Clients can also save a considerable amount of money on packaging and shipping costs. We offer the very best pick and pack service in the industry (remember we guarantee it) and we are still the only order fulfilment service in the UK that charges on a pay as you go basis.


* Same day despatch for orders addressed to consumers