One Last Question - Are We Right For Your Business?

It’s critical that myWarehouse is a good fit with your online business. We promise to delight your customers with every order we despatch and you can rely on us being honest and transparent at all times. But we do accept, we’re not always right for every business.

To help you assess whether our fulfilment service is right for your business, here are a few things we do and some we don't.

What we do: If your products are no longer than 1m long, weigh no more than 25kg and your average order value is more than £15 then we really could help you scale up your business. Typically, we’re a great solution for online sellers with a monthly order volume from 50 to 2000. We’re focussed entirely on serving clients that sell to consumers with any wholesale activity no more than 10% of your monthly order volume.

What we don't do: If you’re looking for someone to handle a one off response or mailing campaign, that isn’t what we do. You’ll need to find a mailing house for that kind of work. We are focussed on parcel delivery to consumers so if your wholesale operation is greater than 10% of your order volume, you’ll find more suitable fulfilment companies than us. And finally, we work very closely with Amazon and other marketplaces BUT please don’t ask us to simply repack goods from overseas and forward to Amazon.  Again, mailing houses love that kind of work!  Oh and one last thing….we can’t ship Lithium Batteries.

Price List: If you'd like to receive our fulfilment price list, together with UK and International shipping fees, plus details of how you can sign up just convince us you're not a robot (!) and then hit the button.



Don’t worry, we hate spam too! We never share personal data and we don’t bombard you with emails.

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