Frequently asked questions.....

✚ What makes you so different from the many fulfilment companies out there?

We offer a pay-as-you-go order fulfilment solution for online retailers. We never charge set up fees and nor do we require minimum contract periods. There are no set up fees for our core services and there are no minimum volume requirements. Clients can work with us for as long or as little as they like. We only work with online retailers and specialise in offering order fulfilment direct to consumers (globally). It is important to note that whilst we do and can offer order fulfilment to trade customers (e.g. you may also sell to retail outlets and other resellers) this is not our core business.

✚ Are you any good?

We are the ONLY fulfilment company to offer all our clients a 100% guarantee on our pick/pack service. Our unique processes are designed to ensure every parcel is correct before being passed to either courier or Royal Mail. We also ONLY use our own trained staff (we do not employ temps).

✚ My current fulfilment supplier appears to add prices every month and seems to charge me for breathing

Our simple pricing structure is easy to understand and is unambiguous (so there is never any confusion or misunderstanding over a charge). We have a range of optional services where clients can choose to enhance their core pick and pack service. Also, our invoicing is fully automated so every charge incurred is stated very clearly on your monthly invoice and emailed on the 1st working day of each month. Breathing is free!

✚ Why don’t you charge storage by the pallet like everyone else?

Unlike other fulfilment companies, we prefer to charge storage by the volume of space occupied and NOT by the pallet. This may sound obvious but it is a fact nearly all fulfilment companies charge storage by the pallet which is fine if all your goods are neatly stacked to a height of 1.5 metres on every pallet. The truth is that this is never the case and for a very good reason: when picking products from stock, the picker needs to retrieve the item quickly and not spend ages looking for them. Therefore, when products are stored on pallets there is usually only a handful of boxes on each pallet to make life easier for the picker. We prefer to store your products on picking shelves and as densely as sensibly possible so we can charge you by the volume of space your products actually occupy (we prefer the cubic foot measurement) and this, unlike pallet counts, is a calculation you can check at any time.

✚ Why do you bother charging storage this way?

In addition to the explanation above, mainly because it saves each client an average of 30% compared to ordinary pallet counting/charging methods, and, in our opinion, is the fairest method because your goods are stored on shelves not pallets (and that goes for EVERY fulfilment company not just us).

✚ Your storage charges are cheap, so can I use you just for storage?

No thanks! We are a pay-as-you-go order fulfilment company and make our money when YOU sell your products. Our storage fees contribute to the fixed costs but are not a profit centre. Our preference therefore is for your stock to arrive and go out as soon as you can. Typically, we look for a stock turnover (i.e. how long it takes for all your stock to be replenished) of between 3-5 months. Remember that this works for you too as your cash is tied up in your stock until you generate a sale, so the quicker you turn your stock around the better it is for all of us.

✚ I have over 2000 different products. Is there an easy way to get them onto your system?

Yes. Your products are uploaded to our secure online Management system (we call it MMS). This is either by uploading a spreadsheet (that we provide) or, if you choose to use our free API (see below) that automates much of the processing, your products can be automatically uploaded from your shopping cart software. We require the dimensions and weights of your products so we can plan our batch picking process efficiently (e.g. furniture is not batched picked with jewellery) and make sure you are not overcharged for overseas shipments (size IS important for overseas shipping), plus we need a barcode for accurate picking and packing.

✚ Why do you insist on all products having barcodes?

Quite simply, bar-coding is the most proven and established method of accurately identifying products. Given the many thousands of products in our warehouse belonging to all our clients, many with different variations, language versions, different sizes, boxed sets etc, it is not realistic to expect staff to manage all these products without the assistance of technology. By using barcodes we can employ some very smart ideas, we manage to build our economies of scale across all our clients and so offer a cost effective service to all types of businesses, regardless of your daily order volumes.

✚ I need to know about any shortfalls in deliveries asap, so a box count is not sufficient.

We agree. You will need to tell us about your deliveries (when they are due and what products to expect) so we can scan every item into our warehouse and locate them into our storage system. That’s right; EVERY item is scanned into our warehouse so you can quickly identify any shortfall in your deliveries. It is difficult to complain to your supplier some weeks later (usually when a box has been opened for the first time) about being short delivered. You will receive emails from us informing you of your deliveries and what stages the “Goods In Process” is at.

✚ Can I visit your Warehouse?

You are welcome to visit our facilities at anytime but we do need as much notice as possible as we must accompany you on our premises at all times. This is due to both health & safety requirements (we are responsible for what happens to you during your visit) and as a courtesy to all our clients with regard to their confidentiality.

✚ Can I access my products for stock checks etc?

With regard to stock checks and any work involved on your products, whilst we appreciate your help, these services must be performed by our staff as the responsibility for getting it right is ours not yours. E.g. If products are miscounted this will be our problem to resolve. As you would imagine, we have robust stock control procedures so any of your colleagues assisting us MUST comply with our process. The time taken for any work on your products is charged by the hour.

✚ How do I get my orders onto your system?

For low order volumes every day, you can use our secure web form within our MMS to copy/paste/enter your orders. If you are selling via EBay, Amazon or using Channel Advisor we can retrieve these directly from your accounts. For larger order volumes, we offer a free tool (API for web developers) which allows your shopping cart to be securely integrated to our system and therefore automate the generation of all of your orders. This integration tool also enables information to be fed back into your software such as parcel tracking numbers, order despatch confirmation (you may want to send an email to your customers) as well as real-time stock data. This is a free tool and we strongly recommend our clients use this to free themselves from entering orders every day. BTW, if you are using Magento, Shopify, Magento Go, Big Commerce or 3dCart MMS is already integrated into these shopping carts and all orders and inventory information is automatically collected from these stores.

✚ How quickly can you process my orders?

Consumer orders received by 3.00pm will always be despatched the same day. Wholesale & Trade/Retail Store orders within 48 hours (2 working days) of the order being placed and large campaigns such as Daily Deals, 72 hours (three working days) to allow for the increase in order volume.

✚ How quickly can you process my International Orders?

International orders received by 3.00pm being sent via Royal Mail will be despatched that day. International Courier orders will be despatched the same day but collected by the Couriers the next working day. With regards to the first shipping day this is the first working day after the collection. Once the parcel has left myWarehouse Ltd the tracking of the parcel is the responsibility of the Client and any further customs/duty information required will need to be proved by the owner of the goods. Once the Courier contact us at myWarehouse Ltd requesting further details we will pass on your contact details for them to contact you direct. (The reason why it is done in this way is due to Customs requiring in-depth information such as ingredients and manufacturing details). All International orders require a telephone number.

✚ I need access to all my fulfilment information but don’t want to pay for any reports.

Our free online software (MMS) is easy to use and extremely secure. In there, you will find all the information you need to operate your order fulfilment service remotely. MMS provides you with all the information instantly, in real-time and in a format that any of your staff can use. There are many reports that you can run at anytime, export as CSV/Excel and don’t cost you a penny.

✚ How much do you charge for packaging?

To ensure the most appropriate outer (and in-fill) packaging is selected for every order, we rely upon the most effective decision making machine we know.....our packing team! To simplify recharging the packaging costs we charge you a fixed price per order. This price will be quoted once we understand both your product profile (number of large and small items) and your order profile (e.g. every jewellery order gets a free wooden cabinet!).

✚ As a pay-as-you-go fulfilment company, do I get an invoice for every order?

No. We operate a pay-as-you-go funding service so initially you top up your account with a small amount of money and every day you will see your balance lowered by your fulfilment activity. As we charge everything on a per activity basis (except storage) you can easily see how your money is being allocated against your orders. Every month we issue you with a VAT invoice detailing your month’s activity together with a detailed breakdown of your transport costs to order level. You create a top up level for your account and when your balance falls below this value you will receive an email warning you to top up soon. You top up your account securely with either a debit or credit card. We use Striep to process all our payments.

✚ If you don’t have any account managers, how do I contact you for any queries?

Customer service issues are managed by all of our staff. As our service to you is predominantly operational, it makes sense that your queries and questions are directly answered by our operations team. To facilitate this we operate an online ticketing system where each ticket raised is replied within 1 hour and resolved just as soon as possible. We do answer the telephone of course, but we ask these to be for more urgent matters.

✚ Do you offer account management?

No. We want to make our service affordable for everybody so employing Account Managers would increase our overhead which in turn would increase the overall cost of having an account with us. Our system is easy to use and you can take control of your own account which gives you full involvement and means we can work as a team.

✚ Is myWarehouse the best order fulfilment solution for every client?

No, not always. Whilst our service is the only order fulfilment service for every kind of online retailer (start-up, SME and major retailers), some clients want to outsource the overall management of their online store. We do not, for example, process payments, provide marketing services or sell any software. Whilst we do not provide these additional services, we are very keen in introducing our clients to other companies which we know can help them succeed. For example, we work with many ecommerce companies that provide a ‘pre-integrated’ myWarehouse solution into their shopping cart software. We also work very closely with EBAY and AMAZON, allowing clients to sell their products via different channels without the concern of managing stock on different systems. We also work with accountancy firms, software companies, marketing agencies and many others and we encourage our clients to meet with our partners as we know their credentials and can be impartial in our recommendations.

We hope these answers have given you a better understanding of our service. It is a trite saying, but as your success is our success (quite literally as your order volumes generate our turnover), we remain passionate about helping our clients be more successful and efficient in any way we can. Our services and partnerships are all focused on you achieving great feedback and repeat business from your customers, as well as offering you more opportunities for you to sell more and, wherever we can, make life easier for you in reducing the time you spend on operational matters so you can spend more time on growing your online business.

If you think we are the right partner for your business, we look forward to working with you.