Choosing a microphone for YouTube videos

YouTube is a form of social media that's great for gaining new customers, engaging with those customers and informing them. However, whilst YouTube is filled with plenty of amateur videos, if you're running a business then amateur is out. Some YouTube shows and vlogs have become very like traditional TV productions which attracts a lot of top-shelf advertising money. If you use YouTube as a way to communicate and inform your customers, then you will know that video quality and sound in key. 

Bad audio can ruin even the best video. Fuzzy voices and loud background noises distract from your message and suggest an unprofessional tone. To help ensure your customers are hearing what they need to hear, we've put together a guide to picking the best microphone for your YouTube videos. 

If you are recording on the move..

If you like to record whilst out and about, a good portable option is the MV88. This is a stereo condenser style that plugs direct into your iPad or iPhone. This microphone works perfectly with video recording apps compatible with iOS, so you will have professional level audio all the time. 

If you like to sit in front of your camera..

If you like to record in one room facing the camera directly, then you may want to look at the MV5. This is a digital condenser microphone gives you the convenience and flexibility of both USB and iOS connectivity. It includes three brilliant on board presets for digital signal processing that allows you find the right sound quickly for your recording. The MV5 is also an attractive piece of kit, so it'll look great if you show it on camera. 

If you’re doing interviews..

Interviews are a great way to vamp up YouTube videos with your customers. Whether you speak with clients, potential customers, or reviewers, this is a good way to increase customer engagement and increase your chance of fulfilling orders. A great choice is using a lavaliere microphone, such as the Rode Smartlav. This clips onto you and whoever you are interviewing. This type of microphone comes in both wired and wireless versions. 

A few extra tips..

Regardless of the type of microphone you choose, it'll only be as good as your surroundings. Here are some extra tips to ensure you give your microphone the best chance to perform. 

  • Avoid areas with ambient noise such as traffic, air conditioning units, generators, or anything else that will create a hum.

  • If you're shooting in your office, ensure you warn the people in the background that you may need them to be quiet.

  • You could invest in acoustic panels that help remove room reverberation (this is if you are really committed to creating the perfect YouTube Video.)

Your final microphone decision will depend highly on the type of business you run and what you want to gain from a business YouTube channel. For example, whether you want to create "how-to" videos or perhaps a "question and answer" series to help with customer queries or concerns.