How Your Pick and Pack Service Can Increase Sales

Your Customers Love Excellent Order Fulfilment

In today’s competitive market online sellers need a fast, accurate fulfilment service.

When you make a sale the buyer assumes they will get what they ordered and receive it within a day or two. Delays in order fulfilment are a major cause of unhappy customers.

Many buyers choose Amazon because their fulfilment service is fast and reliable.

The Importance of Pick and Pack Fulfilment

You need to make sure orders can go quickly from your shopping cart to the pick and pack warehouse.

Your procedure must not only be reliable but also tell you when things go wrong. You don’t want to find out from your customer that an order has not been despatched.

eBay Fulfilment and Selling on Amazon

Online marketplaces want happy customers and punish sellers who don’t process orders fast.

If you only sell on Amazon then using Fulfilment By Amazon is an option. FBA takes care of storage, packing and shipping. If anything goes wrong Amazon sorts it out. You will have access to loyal Amazon Prime customers. But FBA is not cheap and not suitable for every business.

eBay does not offer a fulfilment service. It will penalise sellers who frequently disappoint their customers. Your eBay business needs a great fulfilment service to survive.

Protect your business with a strong packing and despatch procedure. Good communication with your marketplace, couriers, payment providers and customers is vital. You could be penalised if you don’t tell eBay or Amazon that an order has been shipped.

What are the Fulfilment Costs?

Order fulfilment costs include receiving goods, picking and packing, and shipping fees. A good warehouse turns orders around quickly with no mistakes.

Outsourcing order fulfilment is more expensive than doing it yourself. But consider the cost to your business of getting it wrong.

A bad customer service experience will discourage people from buying again. They are very likely to complain about you on social media or give negative feedback.

Logistics Services for Small and Start Up Retailers

If you get less than 2000 orders a month then choose your fulfilment provider carefully.

Traditional fulfilment companies charge high fees for order volumes below their minimum requirements.

myWarehouse specialises in pick and pack services for small online retailers. They have a unique pay-as-you-go pricing system with no minimum volumes or fixed fees.

Using the right fulfilment company can save you money too. Only paying when you make a sale is a good way of making your cash go much further.

Making Returns Easy for Your Customers

Retailers don’t like returns but they are a chance to prove your great customer service.

Customers prefer to deal with online sellers who offer free and simple returns.

Make your returns policy easy to find and if you give free returns then shout about it. Provide clear instructions on how to return an item.

Your fulfilment service must process returns efficiently. Your customers will love receiving swift refunds or replacements. This increases your chance of repeat business and gives you a good reputation.

Customers with the highest return rates may spend the most money with you and be the most profitable.

Growing Sales With Happy Customers

Nobody knows how good their pick and pack service is until they hear feedback.

If customers get their orders on time (or earlier!) and the product is exactly as described on your website then you will have great feedback.

Google loves positive comments and rewards companies with better rankings.

Happy customers buy from you again and without them a business cannot survive.