Pick and Pack services for low order volumes

If you operate in an online retailing business and have low order volumes, you’ll know how tricky it is to find a suitable fulfilment partner as most of them will require minimum order volumes. You will often find that companies aren’t interested in online retailers with low order volumes because they find it hard to make money as their fulfilment operation needs product volume to achieve economies of scale. This is because the way they pick and pack tends to be centred on picking orders for one client at a time. Thankfully, we work very differently and specialise in providing a pick and pack service for online retailers who have low order volumes. Whatever the scale: myWarehouse policy is it will take your orders whether you sell one or one thousand a week. 

No minimum volumes per client 

Many companies need to have minimum volumes because of the way in which they operate their warehouses. Generally, picking and packing companies will section areas of their warehouse to store all of the items for one client and can only identify products by sight and this usually requires a member of staff being familiar with the product range for that client. That’s a very inefficient method of product identification, so myWarehouse uses barcodes. Barcodes allow us to store goods in a more efficient but safe manner as well as offer a 100% guarantee on our pick and pack accuracy. This way, we can employ a batch picking method and achieve economies of scale regardless of individual client order volumes. Therefore, myWarehouse are able to offer order fulfilment services for start ups and small businesses who generate order volumes anywhere from 1-1000 orders a week. 

Premium customer journey 

The customer journey from arriving at your e-commerce website to receiving their item needs to be flawless to get the best possible feedback from customers. As you know, great customer feedback is critical for repeat business. This is where a premium order fulfilment service comes into its own because you can guarantee the speed and quality with which your items will be delivered. Your customers assume not only that their order will be shipped quickly but that it arrives on time and the product is exactly what they were expecting. The packaging and the speed of delivery speak volumes about your business and you should always seek to offer the best service. With many fulfilment companies, the packaging will be an afterthought that is serviced to the minimum possible level, but myWarehouse will always use the best packaging whatever your volume of orders, ensuring that your customers are completely satisfied every time. 

Save on pick and pack staff 

Order fulfilment comes into its own when your business is on the cusp of needing a new member of staff to handle order volumes or a larger space to store your stock. This can be the case at low volumes for many small companies and this is the perfect time to look for a new storage and fulfilment system. The cost of employment or larger spaces for storage will outweigh the costs of turning to myWarehouse, so you can actually save a great deal when you reposition your warehousing to get the best out of your increased turnover. 

Fulfilment Services for Start Ups

Typically, start up online retailers struggle to be taken seriously by fulfilment companies due to their initial low volumes and, let’s be honest, the uncertainty of whether they will remain in business! So many start ups use mywarehouse because it really doesn’t matter when your order volumes begin or how many there are. The reason is that the pick and pack system developed by myWarehouse runs at optimum efficiency across all clients so individual order volumes do not affect productivity.

We offer a pay as you go service specifically for this kind of fulfilment case. With no minimum order requirements you can sign up with orders of 1-1000 per week and we’ll be able to provide you with the best pick and pack service available.