What is a Fulfilment Company?

A fulfilment company takes care of warehousing and shipping for other businesses. Sellers send their merchandise to the fulfilment centre where it is logged into the warehouse management system and stored until an order is received. Orders are picked, packed and sent to the customer. In today’s rapidly expanding marketplace of online selling, ecommerce fulfilment is the major focus for most fulfilment companies.

Why outsource your fulfilment?

Third party fulfilment is a popular solution with many small and medium sized businesses whilst some larger companies, such as Amazon, find it more cost effective to have their own fulfilment centres. Outsourcing warehousing, order processing and shipping can save time and money, plus improve customer satisfaction as orders are picked accurately and delivered on time. There is no investment in storage space, a greater range and amount of stock can be offered when it is stored off-site, there are fewer staff to employ which means no scaling up at busy periods or holiday cover required, and orders/returns can be tracked in real time using warehouse management system (wms) software. 

Fulfilment Services for Small Businesses 

Fulfilment services for small businesses provide the ability to offer more choice of stock and scale the processing of orders to meet fluctuating demand as the business flourishes or at peak times such as Christmas. Customers will be happy as keeping an accurate inventory means fewer mistakes, and the swift processing and delivery of orders is becoming increasingly important as online sellers compete with the likes of Amazon Prime. Small business owners will be left with more time to focus on other aspects of growing and managing their company.

Ecommerce Fulfilment

Many fulfilment companies tailor their service to online retailers. Although Amazon offers it own fulfilment service (FBA), this can be too expensive an option for some small sellers and startups. The giant of the online marketplace, eBay, does not currently offer a fulfilment service in the UK. Many new online businesses choose to build their company through the ecommerce platform Shopify. With Shopify you can outsource to any fulfilment company providing their wms can process orders by email. One fulfilment company aimed at SMEs and startups is mywarehouse. Founded in 2009, mywarehouse offers a unique pay-as-you-go pick and pack service with no fixed fees, no minimum order volume and no long-term commitment. They offer a fast and reliable fulfilment solution for online sellers with 50-1000 orders a month.

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