Collection and Use of Personal Information

As a business to business service provider myWarehouse collects three types of data:

  1. Anonymous data from visitors to our website (type 1)
  2. Personal data from businesses who may enquire of our services or be an active client (type 2)
  3. Personal information from individuals and businesses that has been collected by our clients and forwarded to us so we can perform our duties in fulfilling and despatching orders to home and business addresses. (type 3)

You may visit our website to view the information held there and, whilst doing so, you will remain anonymous. Although you do not give any Personal Information whilst remaining anonymous, MyWarehouse may record the type of browser and the operating system that you use to access the Web Site, any pages accessed during your visit and the number of visits you make to the Web Site. MyWarehouse do this to ensure that the Web Site provides relevant information and to improve the overall quality of its services.

Personal Information will only be collected with your consent if you either request information or sign up as a client. Examples of Personal Information for information requests only include name and email address. For clients, it will include your business address, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and country of residence. Whilst we may refer to this information as your business details, in practice, for those trading at their home address and/or using their mobile phone for both personal and business use, this information may also be personal data.

Typically, myWarehouse uses type 2 personal information, from time to time, to inform and educate existing and prospective clients of matters that may assist or help them in managing their businesses. For example, informing clients of delays to parcel delivery services due to poor weather.

myWarehouse may also, although rarely, use type 2 data to inform existing and prospective clients of new services or products available from myWarehouse. If you do not wish to receive any marketing information about such services you may request that your details are excluded from any promotional activity by sending us a support ticket.

Type 3 personal information is ONLY used by myWarehouse to address parcels and packages on behalf of our clients.  myWarehouse NEVER use type 3 data for any other purpose but in the act of fulfilling client orders some data is shared with couriers and postal services both within the UK and internationally.

myWarehouse operates internationally and there may be occasions when transient or incidental information that you submit to us, which may include personal information (such as name, work phone and email), is processed by us outside of the country you engaged us in. By submitting information to us, you agree to this.

Information Security

Personal data, of all types, is at the top of our agenda and our commitment to protecting and managing your information is always at the forefront of our minds. We treat all information in accordance with globally acknowledged Information Security standards such as ISO27001, along with application of the appropriate local data protection standards. Should you have any queries, please contact us by email or send a support ticket.

Customer data is never used for any purpose other than the consignment of orders in line with our terms of service.  As part of that process, order data is of course provided per parcel to our couriers/Royal Mail but we never share that data with any other parties or make it available in any form.

Since historical reporting on order data, trends, patterns etc. is available to clients using the Advanced Reporting section of MMS, we retain client order data for up to 10 years unless requested otherwise in writing.

The data itself is secured within dedicated server hosting environment.   Only our IT team can directly access the data on that server (with the exception of the hosting data centre team, but they are ISO-27001:2013 compliant) so we are able to comply with any requirement for access to or modification of the data, and can comply with requests from anyone who wishes to be completely removed or deleted from the core database itself.

Within the myWarehouse team, access to customer order information is granted on an as-needed basis and using role-based authentication.  User actions on the system are logged so we are able to monitor and trace activity.

Origination of Personal Information

In accordance with GDPR accountability principle, myWarehouse records where personal data came from and with whom it is shared (e.g. which organisations).

From May 2018, new clients will need to consent in writing to our use of their data for the purposes mentioned in this policy statement.

Our Data Protection Officer

The Managing Director of myWarehouse is responsible for data protection compliance and all queries relating to our governance arrangements are to be made in writing, by email, to and mark it for the attention of ‘Managing Director’.

Data Access Requests

You may request for your personal information, type 2 or 3, to be copied or removed or simply request us to declare the information we are storing relating to you by emailing the Managing Director at You must provide reasonable evidence to us that your identity matches the personal information being requested.

Type 2 data requests:

A copy of your data can be emailed within 30 days of request

An amendment to your data will be actioned within 30 days of request

A statement of the scope of information we have on file can be emailed within 30 days of request

Removal of data will be actioned within 30 days of request. Bear in mind that type 2 data is integral to our core service and this will necessitate an end to any fulfilment contract in place with this client.

Type 3 requests:

A copy of your data can be emailed within 30 days of request

An amendment to your data will be actioned within 30 days of request

A statement of the scope of information we have on file can be emailed within 30 days of request

Removal of data will be actioned within 30 days of request.


Cookies are small files of information which are stored on your PC's hard drive ("Cookies"). Cookies do not contain any Personal Information about you but allow our web server to recognise you when you visit the Web Site. However, if you do not wish us to use this information you may set up your website browser to reject Cookies and/or refuse Cookies when first using the Web Site.

Data Protection

myWarehouse is registered as a data controller (reg no A8271228), and your Personal Information is protected in the EU by the Data Protection Act 1998 ("Act").

Under the Act, myWarehouse is legally obliged to process your Personal Information lawfully and fairly and in such a way that it is kept secure. You may require myWarehouse to correct any mistakes in any of your Personal Information.


We will only disclose your Personal Information to third parties for any of the following reasons:

        1. If you have consented for us to do so

        2. If we are under a legal or regulatory obligation to do so

        3. When we use third party service providers to provide services that involve data processing (where we use service providers we will ensure the appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your Personal Information).

By using our website, or requesting information from myWarehouse, or signing up to use our fulfilment services, you consent to myWarehouse collecting and using the data in the way set out above