Pay-As-You-Go Pick and Pack Service For Online Retailers


At myWarehouse, there are NO set up fees, NO fixed fees, NO minimum volumes and absolutely NO minimum contract periods. Simply use us on a pay as you go basis. Pricing and Information




As an online retailer, you know how critical it is to provide your customers with a wonderful experience every time – and for this to happen you need an excellent pick and pack service. Ideal for SME’s and Start Ups, our unique pay as you go pricing model gives you a fast and reliable fulfilment service so you can grow your business at your own pace without spending capital on warehousing or hiring more staff.

We’re Here To Make Your Customers Happy

Your customers just want to be happy when they order from you. They want their orders on time, error free and delivered to where they want. When they feel good about buying from you they’re likely to buy from you again AND maybe tell their friends. And that’s what we do.  We make sure your customers get a great experience. Find out about our 100% guarantee

Automate The Heck Out of Everything

Go on holiday and let your business run itself. Life is far too short to be doing repetitive stuff, so wherever we can we do our best to automate those dull activities We collect your orders, ship them out, update your website/eBay/Amazon accounts, manage stock levels. automate overseas import docs etc, removing keying errors as well as saving you time Discover more

Something Special

For Your Customers?

Sure no problem. We can add extra products, leaflets, gift wrapping…we can even sprinkle glitter in the box before sealing up! We call it myWrap And if you like, you can print a ‘thank you’ message or a promotion comment like “Did you know there’s a matching clutch bag with this dress?” completely free of charge.  We call this myMessage

“As a start-up company with reliance on order-fullfilment, one of our biggest worries was having to commit to large fixed warehousing costs. With MyWarehouse, there are no big fees, and you only pay for what you send. ………… read more

Philip and Chris at Bioeffect

“It was with casual interest that I came across an advertisement for the services of MyWarehouse in April 2010. The promise of no set up charges, together with the charging of storage space by product, rather than by fixed volume, was appealing.. read more

Paul at Southdowns

“When I was thinking of starting my own handmade jewellery site I didn’t realise just how time consuming it is to pick and pack the orders and queue up at the post office every afternoon to get them posted”

Rowena at a Crafts Supplier