Our service is radically different from most other UK fulfilment companies.

Our primary purpose is to ensure ALL our clients' customers get their orders accurately and on time.

However, for some clients, our reliable process driven approach in achieving this means we may not be as flexible as they would like us to be

To help you accurately assess whether we are the best fulfilment partner for your business we have compiled this list of answers to commonly asked questions.

Please do study this in detail and feel free to ask us any questions.


✚ What makes you so different from the many fulfilment companies out there?

We are the ONLY UK fulfilment company serving online retailers with low order volumes

✚ Are you any good?

Yes! We use barcodes and have developed our own fulfilment system to ensure all orders have the correct items and the correct quantities.

✚ Are there certain products you DON'T handle?

A few: Anything measuring more than 1m in any dimension or weighing more than 25Kg. Hazardous materials, Alcohol, Food, Lithium Batteries, Drugs or firearms

✚ Why do you insist on all products having barcodes?

It’s all about making sure your customers never receive an incorrect order. Barcoding is the most proven and established method of accurately identifying products.

✚ How do I get my orders onto your system?

You can use the automated solution using a pre-integrated cart o=r marketplace. Or enter them manually on our cloud based system

✚ I need detailed invoices to keep a close eye on my costs

Our simple pricing is backed up by our invoicing where every charge incurred is stated very clearly on your monthly invoice

✚ Why don't you charge storage by the pallet?

We are amazed that fulfilment companies can still get away with charging storage by the pallet! The truth is no fulfilment company picks an order from a pallet. In reality, products are stored on shelves. So we charge storage based ONLY on the volume of space occupied by your products

✚ So how do you charge for storage?

We charge per cubic foot per month

✚ Your storage charges are cheap, so can I use you just for storage?

No thanks! We are a pay-as-you-go order fulfilment company and make our money when YOU sell your products.

✚ I need to know about any shortfalls in deliveries as soon as possible, so a box count is not sufficient

We agree. Which is why we scan EVERY item into our warehouse. That’s right…every item!

✚ How quickly can you process my orders?

Consumer orders received by 3.00pm will always be despatched the same day.

✚ Can I visit myWarehouse?

You are welcome to visit our facilities at anytime but we do need as much notice as possible as we must accompany you on our premises at all times.

✚ How much do you charge for packaging?

For simplicity, we average out your packaging usage and charge a fixed price per order. This price will be quoted once we understand both your product profile (number of large and small items) and your order profile (e.g. every jewellery order gets a free wooden cabinet!).

✚ Why aren’t you integrated with WooCommerce?

Currently, this is not on our list of pre-integrated shopping carts due to the nature of the software. It is an unsupported e-commerce solution that relies upon the Wordpress/WooCommerce community to develop new solutions and answer problems.

✚ Do you offer account management?

No. Our system is easy to use and you can take control of your own account which gives you full involvement and means we can work as a team.

✚ If you don’t have account managers, how do I contact you for any queries?

We use a ticketing system (like Zendesk or Freshdesk) Customer service issues are answered by our ops team so you get a quick and accurate reply

✚ What else can you offer my business?

myWrap - A specific packaging service allowing clients to 'do their own thing' at the packing bench. Examples include adding a leaflet, using client branded packaging, or free gifts at packing bench. The limit will be the skill involved (just remember we are packers!) and the imagination of our clients.


And finally…..we never forget that your success is our success: quite literally as your order volumes generate our turnover.

Our services and partnerships are therefore all focussed on making sure your customers get a great service. That way you'll have happy customers. And having happy customers gives you a cracking head start on building a successful business.

If you think we are the right kind of fulfilment company to support your online business, we’d love to work with you.