• Just Pay per Order + Storage

  • No Set Ups. No Fixed Fees

  • No Minimum Orders….Start When You’re Ready

  • Ideal For Small Business

This 1 minute video explains the order fulfilment process


 What is Pay as you Go Fulfilment?

When we started myWarehouse back in 2009, we coined the phrase “pay as you go fulfilment” to accurately describe the difference between our new service against the traditional fulfilment companies.

Essentially, our pay-as-you-go fulfilment service means that clients pay per order despatched and not all the nonsense fees our competitors charge on top (e.g. set up fees, account management, data charges!? etc)

Our approach was to simplify the process and make it easy for start ups and small online retailers to begin using the service.

Our Simple 7 Steps to Going Live

  1. Get Started

Once you decide that myWarehouse is right for your online business, give us a shout. We’ll send you a link to our secure portal where you can open an account.

We’ve put together a few questions that will help you find the ‘best’ fulfilment partner for your business needs


2. Open an Account

This takes about 5 minutes. Once set up you will need to top up your account so you have a positive balance. It can be as little as £5 but we suggest you add a sufficient amount to cover the first few weeks.

Learn more about our unique pay as you go top up service


3. Upload Your Products

Before you send any products to myWarehouse you’ll need to make sure all your product details are on our fulfilment system MMS (that’s what we call it: myWarehouse Management System)

Learn more about how to get your product details into our fulfilment system


4. Prepare and Send Your Products to myWarehouse

You can either redirect goods from your suppliers or send your existing stock to us

To avoid delays and additional costs, all products must be barcoded when they arrive at myWarehouse

Want to know more about Skus and Barcodes?


5. We Scan all Your Products and Place Them on Shelves

Every item sent to us is scanned into myWarehouse. This highlights damaged products, short or over deliveries as well as items we cannot scan.

Learn more about how we process your supply deliveries


6. Test Everything

Before you go live with orders, we recommend testing everything. We provide a sandbox area where dummy orders can be placed without being despatched and integrations with carts and marketplaces can be fully tested.


7. Go for launch!

Orders now flow automatically from your online checkout directly into our fulfilment system. We’ll pick and pack them and deliver them to your customers on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

✚ How accurate is your pick and pack service?

We are the ONLY UK fulfilment company to offer all our clients a 100% guarantee on our pick/pack service. We can offer this because we developed our own order processing system that was designed to ensure every parcel is correct before being passed to either courier or Royal Mail. We also ONLY use our own trained staff (never temps).

✚ Why do you insist on every product having a barcode?

Because this is the only fullproof way of making sure your customers get what they ordered.

✚ How quickly will you despatch my orders?

All orders received by 3pm are despatched the same day.

✚ Is there an easy way to upload my 2000 products?

Yes. We provide you with an Excel spreadsheet so you can enter all your product information and upload them all at the same time.