Integrate our fulfilment service with the shopping cart of your choice

Integrate our fulfilment service with the shopping cart of your choice

Our API Gives Your Developers Complete Freedom to automate tasks and simplify your online business

myWarehouse offer developers some simple tools to connect your e-commerce system to our fulfilment centre.  We support you all the way and even have a dedicated area within our forum to encourage discussion and learning among the community.  This is your chance to truly automate the heck out of every activity generated from your online business shopping cart.

To get started with the myWarehouse API Webservices, first obtain a copy of the API documentation from the myWarehouse Admin Team. Included in that documentation is a detailed listing of the function calls available via the Webservices and the fields expected / returned by each function call. There are also Code Examples written in VB .NET for each function, which you are free to use in your development code should you wish.

Since APIs are “language agnostic” and use the very simplest data types (String, Integer etc.), it shouldn’t matter what platform or technology you’re developing on. Some platforms, for example Microsoft’s .NET / Visual Studio, allow very simple integration of Webservices into existing projects and take care of the SOAP wrappers and serialisation of the data for you, but whatever the platform as long as you’re able to construct appropriate SOAP requests then you’ll be able to communicate with MMS.

An API, or “Application Programming Interface”, is a set of commands that allow two separate systems to talk to each other and exchange information without either having to know very much about the other, essentially a “digital handshake” between two remote systems.Before APIs, integrating two systems, for example your shopping cart software and our myWarehouse Management System (MMS), would have required a lot of collaborative effort, programming and probably compromise, and the cost would usually be prohibitive.Thanks to our API, however, your website can communicate with MMS via a simple set of bi-directional commands that allow access to all the most important functions:

  • Check live stock availability for any of your products

  • Create an order, complete with all the items on that order, and push it to our warehouse

  • View live status updates of your order as it passes through our warehouse systems

  • Get confirmed Despatch date/times for Courier shipments, along with a Tracking ID


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