fulfilment for small business


If you run an online retailing business with low order volumes, or are thinking about starting one, one of the problems you will encounter is finding a fulfilment company.

This is because nearly all fulfilment companies need a certain amount of orders in order to achieve efficiency.  The so called economies of scale.

And the reason they need order volumes to achieve economies of scale is because they use standard industry software to manage their warehouses and order processing.  And being an industry standard means most fulfilment companies use the same or similar system.

That’s why we created our own system

How We Handle Low Order Volumes

From day one, myWarehouse has been focussed on helping small online retailers and start ups.  And one of our main challenges was to obtain efficiencies with low order volumes

We looked and learned from different industries, like supermarkets and shipping containers, and decided to build a system that achieved efficiencies across all clients rather than requiring individual clients to generate a minimum volume.

This has resulted in us being the ONLY fulfilment company in the UK (apart from mighty Amazon FBA) to be capable of offering fulfilment to online sellers WITHOUT IMPOSING MINIMUM ORDER VOLUMES.

All we need to be efficient is have several clients and not one.  Currently we serve over 200.

No Fixed Fees and No Set Up Fees

Because of the way we work we don’t need to charge like our competitors.

Positive Cashflow in any business is important but for Small businesses it is critical. And the last thing you want to spend money on are set up fees and monthly fixed fees that nearly all fulfilment companies charge.

Not myWarehouse. Instead we created the first pay-as-you-go order fulfilment service specifically for small online retailers.

This means you only pay per order, plus storage, and so the cash needed for fulfilment can be funded from the sale of your products.

No Minimum Fees and No Minimum Order Volumes

As we explained, the way we operate means we don’t need to impose minimum order volumes on any of our clients.

And because we operate efficiently across all client volumes we don’t impose minimum fees either.  Typically, fulfilment companies charge for unnecessary services such as Account Management, Data Storage, Use of their IT system (because their monthly IT fees are high using inefficient licensed software?).

We don’t.

We Make It Simple To Move Your Fulfilment

As we don’t charge set up fees or require minimum volumes, clients can start using us within days of deciding to do so.

Opening an account takes minutes.

Send your products to myWarehouse, activate your shopping cart (e.g Shopify, Big Commerce etc) and within a few days your orders will be picked and packed using our 100% accurate fulfilment service.

All orders we receive by 3:00pm are despatched the same day*

The Importance of an Excellent Fulfilment Service

The online world can be brutal.  Reviews and customer feedback now play a crucial role in minimising risk for new customers and building a brand online.

What is essential for online retailers is to have a reliable and timely order fulfilment service.  When customers receive their orders accurately and on time they are likely to say good things about your business.


We take Our Work Seriously …

But We’re a Friendly Bunch Too!

Hello! I’m Karen and I am the Managing Director of myWarehouse.

I handle all new business enquiries because it’s important you get the right information you need to assess our service for your business. Sales people can be too focussed on getting the sale rather than making sure every client is a good fit for our fulfilment model. We’re not right for every business and I’ll do my best to answer all your questions in helping you assess our fulfilment service.