Nice and simple Pay As You Go pick and pack fulfilment company

do you run an

online retailing business?

like some help picking & packing

your orders?



pay as you go order fulfilment

for micro & sme online retailers

no set up fees  -  no minimum volumes -  no fixed fees  -  no commitment

same day despatch and 100% guarantee

so your customers always get a great experience


free up more Time to grow your business

As an online retailer, you know how critical it is to provide your customers with a wonderful experience every time – and for this to happen you need an excellent pick and pack service to support your business.  Our unique pay-as-you-go pick and pack service, specifically designed for SME’s and Start Ups, gives your business a fast and reliable fulfilment solution so you can grow your business at your own pace without spending time & capital on warehousing or hiring more staff.


DIY Fulfilment?

Typically, most online retailers start from home keeping their costs low and retaining full control. When your product has taken over the spare bedroom and you no longer want to spend your time packing orders then it’s time to begin looking for a fulfilment company.

Self storage?

Many online retailers use a self storage facility for a while.  This can provide affordable storage and a place to 'go to work'.  However, these facilities are not ideal for staff to work in and are not designed to be operational work areas requiring IT systems and machinery.  

Why not use ours?

We have invested heavily in developing our own picking and packing service that is 100% accurate using product barcodes throughout.  Our service is pay-as-you-go and optimised for online retailers who typically despatch less than 2000 orders a month

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