All items and completed parcels are scanned for complete accuracy and accountability

All items and completed parcels are scanned for complete accuracy and accountability

  • Surely, all fulfilment companies offer a 100% accuracy guarantee don’t they? Nope.

  • The truth is that all good fulfilment companies aim for 100% and try very hard to minimise errors.

  • However, unless every product has a barcode and is scanned throughout the pick and pack process, errors creep in.

  • When we started myWarehouse back in 2009, we built our own fulfilment system centred around an error free pick and pack process. 

Why don’t all fulfilment companies offer a 100% guarantee?

Because unless the fulfilment process is based on scanning the barcode of every product, humans, however lovely and caring they are, will make a mistake.  It is inevitable.

Most fulfilment companies have evolved from a transport and logistics background.  Typically, they have huge warehouses full of pallets and boxes that don’t need sophisticated software or bespoke handling procedures to control the flow of goods.

This is why most of them still charge storage by the pallet: their WMS (Warehouse Management System) software does not segment storage to the individual product because it wasn’t designed to be used for e-commerce fulfilment.

So how does myWarehouse avoid errors in the pick and pack process?

What we have done is ensure the complete order fulfilment process is foolproof by designing it from the ground up.

We developed our own software to enable us to evolve an accurate and robust solution.

We don’t rely on the judgement or memory of our full time staff but instead ask them to follow a step by step process.

This process has built-in checks to ensure that what was picked is being packed correctly. Not just the correct item but also the correct quantity of each item.

Using barcodes and scanning out EVERY item BEFORE the despatch paperwork is printed, and having one member of staff packing one order at a time, is the ONLY way to remove picking errors for good.

If myWarehouse don’t make mistakes, why offer a 100% Guarantee?

Good question. Because we want all our clients to have complete confidence in the way we pick and pack.

Explaining our process is one way of achieving this but ultimately if an error does occur then we take

full responsibility for that and our guarantee make sure it hurts us financially.


Our 100% Guarantee

Firstly, we apologise unreservedly.  We fully appreciate the damage caused to your brand and we feel bad about that.


  • We refund your original pick and pack charge

  • We despatch a replacement order free of charge

  • We pay for the second shipping charge

  • We will arrange collection of your original items*

  • We investigate how the error occurred

* UK Addresses only


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