What is myWarehouse Top Up?


A Unique Way to Pay for Your Order Fulfilment

Just pay what you can afford into your account

Your balance will lower as your orders are despatched

All you need to do is top it up from time to time

  • We appreciate just how critical cashflow is to all small businesses so we’ve tried to make it easy for our clients to fund their fulfilment activities without high upfront deposits.

  • We operate a simple pay-as-you-go funding solution, similar to using an electricity meter, where you make a small payment to open your account and then each day your fulfilment activities are deducted from this balance.

  • Every month we send you an invoice (including VAT for UK and European clients) detailing your month’s activity together with a detailed breakdown of your transport costs to order level. You can therefore calculate your profitability for every order you have received!

  • At any time, you can see your balance by logging in to your account.

  • Additionally, you can see a breakdown of your accrued costs in the current month (since your last invoice).

  • And to avoid delays on your account, we’ve added a ‘top up’ alert which you can set for any value. When your balance falls below this value you will receive an email advising you of your low balance.

  • Just make a payment to increase your balance, by Paypal, Credit Card or Bank transfer.

  • As we charge everything on a per activity basis (except storage) you can easily see how your money is being allocated against your orders, just by logging in to your MMS account at anytime of day.

What Are the Benefits of myWarehouse Top Up?


Conserve Your Cash

No need to pay set up fees or deposits

Costs inline with sales.jpg

Link Your Costs to Your Sales

You only incur a cost when you make a sale


Detailed Cost Breakdown

Monthly breakdown of all your costs


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to add to my account?

From as little as £5. Your ideal balance will depend on how many orders you generate to avoid you running our of cash

If there is a positive balance when I leave, can I have it back?

Absolutely! Once your exit costs have been deducted from your balance we transfer any remaining money to your bank account

What happens when my balance gets to zero?

Your account is automatically suspended and you are sent an email notifying you. No orders can be placed or despatched until your account is back in credit.

Is there an alert to prompt me to top up?

Yes. You can set an email alert for any value. When your balance drops below this value you will receive an email reminding you to top up. You can update this value at anytime

Can I top up automatically?

No. Your balance will fall only at the rate of your orders increasing. This will vary over time so it’s best you are alerted when your balance is low and you’re free to add as much money as you feel is necessary. For example, if you are planning a marketing campaign you may want to increase your balance to avoid any delays in the despatch of your orders