Order Fulfilment Pricing

order-fulfilment pricing.png


Some examples of optional services such as:

  • Barcoding Products

  • Processing Your Returns

  • Long or Heavy Products

  • Using our myWrap service (for bespoke fulfilment)

  • Activating Marketplaces like Amazon/eBay


These tasks are integral to our fulfilment service:

  • Pick and Pack an Order, including 1st item

  • Cost for additional Items in orders

  • Receiving Your Products from Your Suppliers

  • Storage Fees based on your product dimensions

  • Packaging and documentation for every order

Fulfilment Charges can be confusing

It can be tricky to fully understand the total costs that will be incurred when you outsource your pick and pack to a fulfilment company

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Fulfilment companies tend to charge extra fees and fixed fees that are not directly related to your order volumes

  2. There are so many variables involved in fulfilment (e.g. number of items per order, shipping methods, packaging materials, processing returned orders, storage etc etc) that trying to estimate your costs requires a lot of patience and excellent spreadsheet skills!

We do our best to remove the confusion


Remember, we don’t charge any set up fees. We never have done and never will.


Unlike other fulfilment companies we don’t charge any fixed fees. Typically, fulfilment companies charge for account management, data storage, even fees to use their fulfilment software!


Our pick and pack operation was designed by us and is optimised for clients with low order volumes so we don’t need clients to guarantee a minimum number of orders every month.


Clients are free to stay with us for as long as they want and we don’t charge exit fees either.



All fulfilment companies store products on shelves so they are easy to pick. Yet, 99% of all fulfilment companies charge storage by the pallet. To be clear, it is not efficient or practical to pick from pallets as the pickers spend too long looking through the pallet to find the product.

So why do so many pick and pack companies charge storage by the pallet? Because it is easy to do and completely unaccountable.

We think that’s wrong. In fact we think it’s scandalous!

The fairest method surely is to charge clients storage based only on the amount of space their stock occupies in the warehouse. But that requires a lot of work and continuously consolidating stock as boxes become half empty.

But that’s what we do! And to prove it we only charge clients using the dimensions of their products.

So we charge clients the total cubic volume of space that their products occupy in our warehouse. We calculate this using the actual product dimensions and multiplying by the quantity of each product. This total cubic volume figure is calculated weekly and then averaged over the month to account for the fluctuations in stock levels. It is the fairest method we can think of.

For example, if you had a pallet of stock with three boxes and two of them were half full, a traditional fulfilment company would charge you a pallet.

But we would charge you the actual space occupied by your products using your product dimensions. Dealing with half empty boxes is our problem not yours.