Order Fulfilment for Shopify Stores


Shopify is one of the most popular shopping carts in the world right now.

The reason for their success is they have greatly simplified the process of setting up an e-commerce store and made it available for an affordable price.

myWarehouse is a fulfilment company that has simplified the order fulfilment process and made it available for an affordable pay as you go price.

Like Shopify, myWarehouse do not charge set up fees or require a minimum order volume. You just pay per order plus storage.

An ideal partnership? We think so.

How Can We Offer 100% Accuracy?

We designed our own order processing system incorporating barcodes at every critical stage of the process because the warehouse management systems on the market, used by our competitors, are designed for 99% accuracy.

Every product has a barcode (we either use yours or produce one for you) and we scan products during the pick process and at the packing bench.

Despatch documentation cannot be generated until the packer has completed the quality scans which checks both the item and the quantity.

This means our clients can focus on building their online business without fear of disappointing their customers.

How Quickly Are Your Orders Despatched?

All orders we receive by 3.00pm are despatched the same day.

Our daily staff resource plan includes a 200% uplift on your daily order average for each working day. 

For example, if during the 6 weeks your average number of orders for a Tuesday was 71 we guarantee that up to a maximum of 203 orders (71 + 200%) received by 3pm will be despatched the same day.

This allows for seasonal uplifts or fantastic responses to your campaigns generating more than expected order volumes.

Whilst we guarantee a 200% of your average order count, in practice  we may despatch even more depending on other client volumes that day.

We Never Employ Temporary Staff

We’ve just found over the years that employing and training our own staff is the best way to ensure team spirit and consistency.

All our operations team enjoy a very attractive productivity bonus which rewards them for both their hard effort and accuracy in all areas of the warehouse.

Seasonal staff are required during August to January, but we employ using fixed term contracts so they too become part of the team and benefit in all the rewards of full time staff.

Order Fulfilment Technology

As we said, there currently isn’t an affordable system on the market that caters for multi client order fulfilment.  Sure SAS or a similar product could do this but they cost £ millions and the fulfilment industry is NOT a wealthy one!

So we built ours from scratch.  It is not only cloud based so clients can access using just a browser, but is also integrated with popular shopping carts and marketplaces (e.g. Shopify, Big Commerce, eBay, Amazon etc).

We also offer an API for clients to integrate our fulfilment system with any shopping cart they choose.

Having our own system means we remain agile and can develop new solutions and services whenever we need to.  Therefore, we are not limited to the ‘computer says no’ restrictions that exist in all off the shelf WMS systems.

Super Quick and Efficient Picking

As we scan every product that is delivered from your suppliers, we are able to intelligently locate your products throughout the warehouse in specific bins suitable for their size/weight and likely volume.  In other words, fast moving items will not be located alongside slow moving stock.

We scan items during the pick process to assist the pickers in their work and alert them to any mis-picks before they place the products on the trolleys.

When completed trolleys are moved the the packing area, every product is again scanned prior to the printing of despatch labels/documentation.

Packaging Materials

Different products require different packaging materials and we’ve found that the best method for selecting them is the packing team.

We use recycled materials and provide extra wrapping where necessary for fragile items or products that we feel could present a problem for courier/postal automated handling systems. 

Simple pricing. Because each parcel is packaged according to the products and quantities, we recharge packaging as a fixed price per order averaging out the usage.

Tracking Orders From myWarehouse

Our integration with all the couriers and postal services means that we actually allocate tracking codes to every parcel.

Once your orders have left myWarehouse, every parcel is scanned in by the courier or postal system and our fulfilment system (we call it MMS) is automatically updated.  This means we are continually and automatically updated of all tracking information.

Therefore, clients using an integrated shopping cart or marketplace will have tracking information updated automatically.  So emails and updates to their customers can be set up to automatically trigger when required.


We take Our Work Seriously …

But We’re a Friendly Bunch Too!

Hello! I’m Karen and I am the Managing Director of myWarehouse.

I handle all new business enquiries because it’s important you get the right information you need to assess our service for your business. Sales people can be too focussed on getting the sale rather than making sure every client is a good fit for our fulfilment model. We’re not right for every business and I’ll do my best to answer all your questions in helping you assess our fulfilment service.