the kind of customer support you really need


Our Ops Team Answer All Your Questions

98% of all questions we receive are operational

Therefore, your questions are routed directly to our ops team

You simply send an email from your mobile or desktop and you’ll get a reply within 1 hour

  • We convert all emails into tickets and answer them on a first come first served basis

  • Our ticketing system is designed for team collaboration so if one of our ops team cannot answer your question they can easily assign it to a relevant colleague

  • All tickets are answered within 1 hour during the normal working day (09:00-17:00 GMT)

  • Any tickets that have been answered but require longer to resolve are prioritised and visible to the Operations manager so they are never forgotten


why we don’t employ account managers?

Unlike our competitors, we don’t employ ‘Account Managers’ or ‘Consultants’ because we don’t feel they add any real value to the working relationship with our clients.

Typically, clients ask questions that are to do with their orders or stock so it makes sense they speak directly with our operations team

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my query is not operational?

Tickets are assigned and answered by the most relevant person so all queries are answered by ticket whether it be operational, sales, or finance

Can I visit myWarehouse?

Sure. Just let us know when you’d like to pop over so we can make sure someone is free to show you around

Can I call anyone in an emergency?

Yes. We provide a telephone number for clients only. Tickets are the quickest way to get an answer but there are times when an urgent call is required

What if I want an account manager?

Then we are not the best fit for your business. We just don’t believe account managers offer value for money for clients